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IATC Academic All-State Nomination Form

The Iowa Association of Track Coaches is pleased to announce the honoring of students who excel in the classroom, course, track or field. Qualifying athlete will be awarded an Academic All-State Certificate. Following the acknowledgment of a nominated athlete’s acceptance as an Academic All-State Award Recipient the coach should go to the IATC Website and download the award certificate(s).

 (Must be 28 or Higher)

 (Must be 3.8 or Higher)

***Notice to Coaches, Counselors, and Principals: By Submitting you are verifying all the information on this form is correct and accurate.

If the answer is "yes" for Cross Country, omit the next Item.

If "no", the Athlete's place at the State Qualifying Co-ed Cross Country Meet?

(must be a State Qualifier or top 30 finisher at the State Qualifying Co-ed Meet)

If "no" for Track & Field the Athlete will not qualify for the Academic All-Star Award. To be recognized as an Academic All-Star Award recipient in Track & Field the nominated athlete must be a State Co-ed Meet qualifier.

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