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About the IATO

Iowa Association of Track Officials

The IATO saw its beginnigs in 2000.  John Lowry of Marion saw the need for Track & Field Officials to come together under one banner.  In so doing all of Iowa's Track & Field and Cross Country officials would officiate and follow the same meet procedures and machanics throughout the state.  John contacted many of Iowa's outstanding officials and asked for their input.  He then contacted, the IATC 2nd VP, Dick Washburn of Muscatine and the ground work was set for the Iowa Association of Track Officials to become a reality.  It only seemed natural that the newly named IATO would be a perfect fit with Iowa's outstanding  Track Coaches Association, the IATC.  John was selected the IATO's first president.   March 28, 2004, John passed away while sitting at his desk preparing materials for the Track & Field Officials of Iowa.  In his memory and honor, the John Lowry Distinguished Service Award is presented to an official that has demonstrated the same outstanding serve to officiating.

IATO Past Presidents
John Lowry - Marion
Cornie Wassink - Alton
Terry Thompson - Ames
Tim Sanderson - Keystone
Mike Stanley - Avoca