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USATF Ceritication

The new Olympiad requiries all USATF certified officials to re-certifiy for the 2013-2016 Olympiad.
This guide and attachments will help you through the process.

Send your completed materials and your completed an application to:

Richard Leutzinger
Certification Chair - Iowa USATF
3404 70th Street
Urbandale, Iowa 50322

Phone: 515-254-1805      e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it





You must complete a USATF Test/Review.   
The Test/Review that you take is dictated by how long you have been at your current level. 
i.e. If you have been at the Association level for 2 years or less,  you will take the Association
level test as a maintenance review.  If you have been at the Association level for 2+ years, you
are eligible to take the National level review/test for promotion to the National Level.    If you
are at the National level, you will take the National Level review/test for a maintenance review.

The Recertification Form

National Level Test

Association Level Test

There are several payment options.  Contact the USATF directly.
Annual membership dues are about $30.00
Four year membership is $100.00
Upon completion of these requirements the certification will be completed and a badge and pin will be issued.

All questions can be directed to Certification Chair - Iowa USATF, Richard Leutzinger.
(contact information above)
Reaching the USATF on-line Website:
Look on the navigation bar directory and find ?Resources for ?.?  Select, ?Officials? from the rop down menu.
Then look to the right hand navigation menu and select ?Online Center?
The ?Welcome to will open.  Look to the ?Quick Links? and then elect ?Become a USATF Certified Official? where all the forms can be found.