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Power Rankings

Welcome to the IATC
Track & Field Power Rankings

Primary Goal:
To promote track and field as a team sport based on the culmination of individual efforts regardless of ability.

The rankings a joint venture with the IATC and Aspimeetz.  Team formulas were developed by a number coaches working together on the project.  Points are earned per event and then totaled to earn a team score.  Event points are based upon a formulated scale compiled over a long look at individual and relays events compare to national records, state records and top performances over the years.  The closer the time, height or distance is to the best, the more points are earned for that event. 

Each event has its own set of standards (points).  The formulas have been entered into Aspimeetz, which in turn generates ?Quik-Stats?.  When a meet is up-loaded to Aspimeetz their computers automatically generate the points for team point totals, then post them on the IATC website.   Every time a team up-loads, or is up-loaded my a meet host, to Aspimeetz the points for that meet are calculated.  If the total points for that meet are better than the points posted previously for that team, the new higher point totals are displayed.  This simply takes the guess work out for a coach, and the extra time required, to calculate each meet and then decide if the new points need to be up-loaded.   It is done each time a new meet up-loaded.  If a team never up-loads a meet result to Aspimeetz, they will not be found on the list.

This is entirely a team formulation based upon the best point total for a team at a single event, NOT a collection of the best in each event over the course of the season.  Each time the team points are great than previously posted, the new point totals replace the old.

Each year formulas are reviewed as to how they compare in relationship to the just completed season.  Some events get a bit of point tweaking and others remain the same.