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Jim Boughton - Dubuque Senior
Cross Country Program's Basic Philosophy:
Work hard, but don't overwork, when in doubt do less.
We aim for our best races in late season, early season is for learning.
Provide an environment where each runner can improve as much as possible that season.
Individuals must be aware that they have a contribution to make to the team.

Scott Conway - Bettendorf
My philosophy is to have as many girls go on to run college or run recreationally as possible.
I love to run. I love running and I want to instill that with my runners.
I try to teach them the basics so that they are able to make sound judgments when they run on their own. I want them, and me, to have fun.

Kevin Kearney - South Winneshiek
Coaching Philosophy:
As a coach I have three primary objectives:
1 - To teach the kids to love running.
2 - To compete at the highest level possible.
3 - To leave room for future improvement in their running.
Our training program focuses on moderate to low mileage (30 - 40 miles per week).
I emphasize up-tempo running, build-up runs, threshold intervals and cut-down pace in intervals.

Timm Lamb - Ft. Madison
To have our student/athletes enjoy themselves.
To develop a positive self image through desire, dedication, and determination. Fun!

Randy Fahr - Eldora-New Providence
Our philosophy is built around the team concept in both track and cross country. We certainly will try to help each individual reach their potential, but not at the expense of the team. Important line-up decisions in track are based on the good of the team. Our training is low to moderate mileage which progressively grows with experience. A very key element of our philosophy is high expectations for all team members, emphasized through goal setting.

Some additional thoughts. First, we believe in bringing kids on slowly. Never let them run too fast, too often, too soon in the season. Second, when you have athletes who will not conform to the rules and ideals of your system, you should always try to help them and give them a chance, but you must also understand they will hold everyone back if you do not control the situation. Third, if a runner is hurt [especially early], let them rest. It is unbelievable what 3 or 4 days rest at the right time can do. Who cares about September meets?
Lastly, if you want something to happen you better train for it. If you want your kids to get stronger as races go on you better teach pace, and teach them to build faster pace the last few miles of longer runs. If you don't teach this, don't ask the kids to do it. Similarly, if you expect a fast start you better train for it.

Glenn Daniels - Indianola
The basic philosophy of Indianola Boys Cross Country is to run our best at the meets that count at the end of the year. To do this you have to get there being healthy, and not run to death. In the last four years at the state meet, out of 28 boys who have run, 24 have run their PR on the day of the state meet.

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