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Early Season

Steve Dennison - Calamus-Wheatland
One early season Cross Country workout the kids like is 100 x 100m. All are run between 15 and 20 seconds 5-10 seconds rest and back. Rest and water after 50, 5 minute water break and back at it. It sounds easy until you get to about 60 -100 then they figure out this is a hard work-out.


Jim Boughton - Dubuque Senior
Typical Early Season
Monday:        warm-up, 4 to 10 short loops (300-400 meters) with hills, 1 to 3 mile distance run
Tuesday:       2 to 6 mile distance run, 8 x 100 stride with good form, 5 minutes jog on grass
Wednesday:  2 to 5 miles easy distance run
Thursday:      2½ to 6 mile on flat route with 1 to 3 miles at anaerobic threshold in the middle, 2 x 150 stride, 5 minutes of jogging
Friday:          2 to 4 miles easy run, 4 x 100 stride, 5 minutes of jogging
Saturday:      5 to 12 mile distance run, First half comfortable, 2nd half faster if you feel good (Shorter distances for rookies, longer for varsity)


Scott Conway - Bettendorf
Early season we start off pretty slow.  For those that ran during the off-season, I start with about 14 to 21 mile weeks.
Monday:        A long run of 3 miles.
Tuesday:       Up tempo run of 2 miles.
Wednesday:  Moderate run of 3 miles.
Thursday:      Up tempo run of 3 miles.
Friday:          Moderate run of 2 miles.
Saturday:      Time a mile and run 3 miles moderate.
Sunday:        Off or 3 miles on your own.

The second week I up each day by a mile.
For those girls that haven't run I start them at a mile a day.
The second week 2 miles a day and then the third week they start where the rest ran.


Kevin Kearney - South Winneshiek
These are workouts that my boy's teams have done over the past two or three seasons.
Our girls do virtually the same thing, although pace and total mileage are adjusted to some degree.

Week One:
Monday:        Easy run, 3 to 5 miles Weights
Tuesday:       Easy run, 3 to 5 miles
Wednesday:  Long run, 4 to 6 miles Weights
Thursday:      Easy run, 2 to 4 miles
Friday:          Build up run, 3-5 miles. 1st 1/2 easy, next 1/2 gradually increase pace until the end. Weights
Saturday:      Optional easy run
Sunday:        OFF


Timm Lamb - Ft. Madison
First 2 weeks:
We run 2 workouts a day - am/pm
One day a week we run a timed interval workout. We run for a certain distance in a given time.
None of our workouts are mandatory

First Two Weeks:
Monday:        2 to 4 miles in the am - 4 to 6 miles in the pm
Tuesday:       2 to 4 miles in the am - 4 to 6 miles in the pm
Wednesday:  2 to 4 miles in the am - 4 to 6 miles in the pm
Thursday:      2 to 4 miles in the am - 4 to 6 miles in the pm
Friday:          2 to 4 miles in the am - 4 to 6 miles in the pm
2nd Friday:    Hill workout for strength
Saturday:      4 miles with Saturday practice
Sunday:        4 miles


Randy Fahr - Eldora New Providence
We break the 11 weeks from the first legal day until State into either 3 or 4 phases, depending on the runner.  The early season is base building. It will vary according to the miles they bring in from the summer running and the runners experience. We will play some games and keep it loose and fun during this entire first 3 week phase. Each of these 3 weeks will contain 2 long runs, a fartlek workout, continuous or segmented threshold training, and some hills. In the 3rd week we have our first meet and possibly a long repetition practice. The threshold workouts need to really be monitored so kids learn pace and do not run them too fast, too early. We try to start with 3 x 1 mile at a pace 30 to 45 seconds slower than what I feel is their 5K pace, with 1 minute rest. The pace will get faster in this workout as the year progresses.  The girls also do this workout, but usually start with 2 reps. We are trying to build mileage during this phase.


Glenn Daniels - Indianola
Typical early season workout will still have more mileage to it, though I am definitely a low mileage man, but speed and endurance start right away. The off-season was for long, slow distance.This was the second week of the official seasons workout this past year:

Saturday is the rest day in my program, because we usually do something uptempo on Monday, and I feel they respond better coming off of an easy day than off of a day of rest

Second Week of the Season:
Monday:        Warmup from HS to course (approx. 1 1/2 miles)
                    1 x pond loop (around a mile long with 3 good hills in it)
                    5 min rest
                    4 x 200m hill, charge up, coast down
                    Warm down from course to HS
Tuesday:       Varsity: 40 - 45 min easy run
                    JV: 30 - 35 min easy run
                    (this workout was run very easy this year as it was 90+ out)
Wednesday:  2 mile Warmup to the track
                    800m at pace (100 walk - 100 jog)
                    400m at pace (100 walk - 100 jog)
                    1200m at pace (walk 400m, get drink)
                    400m at pace (100 walk - 100 jog)
                    200m at pace (100 walk - 100 jog)
                    800m at pace (100 walk - 100 jog)
                    1 1/2 mile Warm down to HS
Thursday:      Varsity: 5 miles, start easy, pace increases toward end
                    JV: 4 miles, same as varsity on pace
Friday:          1 1/2 mile Warmup to college campus
                    2 man relays around main campus
                    (around 650m of run, with around 250m jog to get back across before teammate gets there)
                    each man runs three legs, then 10 min rest, each man runs two legs1 1/2 mile Warm down to HS
Saturday:      REST!!!!
Sunday:        30 - 35 min easy run on your own


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