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Jim Boughton - Dubuque Senior
Conference Meet
We stick to the Late-season pattern, but instead of an intense and exhausting workout like in the Late-Season.
We do something like 3 to 4 x 600 at race pace or a little faster.
No all-out stuff in the days before the meet, we want the best effort in the race!
Otherwise the same as late-season.

Scott Conway - Bettendorf
I prepare no differently for conference than any other meet.

Timm Lamb - Ft. Madison
At the present time we do not rest for the conference meets.
This may change in the future since we are possibly going into a new conference that will be stronger and more challenging.
We are still gearing for the state meet in 2 -3 weeks.

Randy Fahr - Eldora New Providence
We consider the Conference Meet to be like the rest of the late season meets. It's preparation is
is merely of the contiuation of the late season workouts.

Glenn Daniels - Indianola
Prep for the big meets at the end of the year is always the same. We cut down on mileage, but up the pace that almost everything is done at. Recovery runs though are stressed to be just that, so they sometimes go really slow. Peaking is more mental than physical in my opinion. I just show the kids how their times are dropping, and we talk about the pride of the program, and that it is time to step the racing up a notch.


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